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Heart Song Care, LLC services are available to guide, and support you. For more information about our services we are ready to answer any questions you may have, please contact us today. Our dedicated staff are available to answer your questions. You can contact our local office by calling (757) 877-4597 or by sending us an email to contact@heartsongcare.com.

We are located at 610 Thimble Shoals Blvd, Ste 540 in Newport News, VA. Our office hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM with special appointments scheduled on Saturday.

For information on career opportunities, contact us by emailing contact@heartsongcare.com or by calling (757) 877-4597.

The Journey of Heart Song Care

Heart Song Care was established in 2012 after we were in the position of finding care for our loved one, Inchin Chase. Our story began in early 2012, after our Mother suffered several strokes and was diagnosed with a rare neurovascular disease. After the diagnosis, she survived a cerebral transplant where the survival rate was only 5% only to face another hurdle the night after surgery as she suffered a major stroke that immobilized her left side. After many days and nights as well as prayers and hope, Inchin was discharged from UVA to a local rehabilitation center. As a family we were elated and were finally on the road to home.

While at the rehabilitation facility, she suffered a cerebral hemorrhage. We found ourselves asking how much more could she take and selfishly praying for one more day, one more breath and one more miracle. With the power of prayers boosted by the strength of love, faith and hope, Inchin was released but with a dire outcome, her life was beginning to end. Two weeks, so little time so much to say! No family wants to ever hear those words for they are heart and soul breaking.

Our choices were to admit her to a long term care facility or provide 24 hour skilled care in the home. After much research and debate, we decided that she needed to be where she fought so hard for and at times even asked for, home. It was not easy as we listened to sales pitch after sales pitch while we dealt with all the emotions that the last five months had percolated. We felt that we made a well informed decision so in August 2012, our Mom finally came home. What a blessed day that was or should of been but we soon found out that the joy was overshadowed with lack of preparation and professionalism. It is because of our struggles that we have decided to open an agency with the knowledge and experience of actually having been in your shoes and apply our lessons in order to benefit others in similar situations. Our lessons learned and ability to apply them will allow you to focus on your own HEART SONG as we still have the honor of focusing on ours.

Why Choose Heart Song Care

Heart Song Care is skilled at providing long-term, continuous care to chronically ill patients, providing home health care, and companion services to those in need and ensuring continuity of care within the familiar surroundings of home.

At Heart Song Care, our care is defined by our clinical expertise and the compassion we deliver every day ñ one patient at a time.†The Heart Song Care family brings great healthcare home. Our nurses and other healthcare professionals are dedicated to carrying out the Company Mission:

To improve quality of life for those we serve through the delivery of clinical excellence, extraordinary service and compassionate care, while being recognized as the leader in home health.

We are committed to continually raising the bar in home healthcare by setting new industry standards for quality care and personalized service. Thatís why patients choose us for their home healthcare needs. Call us today at (757) 877-4597.