Keeping Seniors Safe at Home

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Keeping seniors safe at home includes taking into consideration removal of obstacles. The safety of our loved ones takes priority while community resources can play a huge role within the safety of the home. The ideal home for the care of elderly or disabled persons is on one level (ground floor). Having more than one floor is all right as long as there is an elevator or other approved lift device. The ideal care home is laid out so that the caregiver and the person in care can see each other from other rooms. This being said there are several obstacles and recommendations in which can be made, although we do not always know where to start. It can become a challenge trying to keep up with ensuring the home is truly the safest place.
Aside from different changes throughout the home, there are also concern with medication safety in the home regarding proper handling of wasted or expired medications, and the proper disposal of these medications. Another common concern would consist of proper medication intake.
Kitchen and bathroom safety are two priorities on the list aside from drugs and general home safety in which is in need of close attention and resourcing when looking at keeping a loved one at home. Bath aides, removing throw rugs, placing anti-slip guards are all major safety hazards especially when a loved one is utilizing an assistive device and are important to take into consideration.

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